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Wade/Delhi Towers

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   HAVE AN IDEA WHAT YOU WANT,EMAIL US. ackert@execulink.com

If in stock item will ship after 72 hours.

Packages take 5-7 business days to ship,If not in stock.

All sales on towers are final.

We can arrange for you to pick up from factory to save shipping cost.

If you would like a shipping quote, I will need to know the address it is shipping to, if it is a residential or business location.

If there will be a fork lift or some way to get it off the truck when it arrives.

 (if it is to be hand balmed off the truck by people you have there ready to unload, we need to know that as well as we need to account for the time).

These prices are subject to change.

* Plus shipping. Please send an email with your tower choice and full address and we will let you know the shipping cost.  We always contact our transportation companies to see which one of them can quote the best price.



Tower Height Model Tower Weight Price
28 Ft. DMX-28 88 lbs. $844.00
36 Ft. DMX-36 121 lbs. $999.00
44 Ft. DMX-44 168 lbs. $1140.00
52 Ft. DMX-52 226 lbs. $1495.00
60 Ft. DMX-60 292 lbs. $1899.00
68 Ft. DMX-68 362 lbs. $2175.00


Pop Up



Weight Price
20 Ft. AMSC20A 5 lbs. $179.00
30 Ft. AMSC30A 9 lbs. $199.00
40 Ft. AMSC40A 15 lbs. $269.00
50 Ft. AMSC50A 19 lbs. $299.00
15 Ft. AMCM1820 15 lbs. $
40 Ft.


25 lbs. $


(email for shipping price to you   (shippingprices.com)

It is recommended that a square hole be dug 4 Ft. deep and 8 inches wider at the bottom on each side than the width of the base section of the tower. The hole should have vertical sides and belled out at the bottom about 6" all around. Here is a table of approximate base widths at ground level and volume of bases for "ready mixed" concrete:

Tower Model Base Width Concrete Required
(Cubic Yards)
DMX-28 33" 1.18
DMX-36 36" 1.35
DMX-44 38" 1.54
DMX-52 41" 1.80
DMX-60 43" 2.10
DMX-68 46" 2.30


Watch below how to install.



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